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High Altitude Rhubarb Organic Farm & Nursery

Pick-Your-Own Organic Rhubarb; Organic Horseradish; Unfiltered Local Honey; Roots/Seeds; Cookbooks
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7225 Wildridge Rd., Black Forest, Colorado 80908 phone:  (719)494-8424

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General Information


My wife and I own and operate a small-scale, pick-your-own, organic farm in Black Forest, Colorado. The offerings include fresh, organic rhubarb, unfiltered Colorado honey, rhubarb plants and seeds of various varieties, rhubarb cookbooks and horseradish plants/roots. The Heirloom Horseradish, Victoria rhubarb and Heirloom Rhubarb are all heirloom(2) plants.  All products are available during the harvest or via mail-order prior to the harvest.  Mail orders are via email, 10 pound minimum for fresh rhubarb.  (See Contact Us.)  Plants are generally available for pickup during the harvest and the harvest lasts one weekend. We maingain a separate interest list for plant purchases and normally all plants sell to people on that list well before the harvest even begins.  Please join that list if you wish the option of buying plants.  We guarantee satisfaction with all our products or your money back.


Fresh, organic rhubarb is our primary product and most customers pick theirs during our celebratory Harvest Weekend. It's a big party.  We normally offer samplings of rhubarb dishes and there are always picnic facilities and complimentary beverages and cold water.  Our heirloom(2) Victoria plants are phenomenal in taste and size.  They don't need to be peeled before cooking and require relatively little sweetening.   Colorado Red is a proprietary variety unique to our farm and capable of adding considerable red color to rhubarb dishes.  We also have Turkish, Canada Red and a number of other varieties in small numbers.


Bring your family and friends and join the harvest party.  Contact us and join our email interest list to keep up-to-date on harvest plans and product availability.   (We don't spam or offer your email to others.)  While crop remains appointments for later times are gladly made (10lb. minimum please) and sometimes we're lucky enough for a second harvest weekend.


Our crop includes both red and green heirloom(2) rhubarb and heirloom horseradish. We ship fresh rhubarb, and plants, in the form of root stock, within the U.S.  Plants and roots are available at the start of each year's harvest rather than at the start of the growing season. Seeds are available any time and can be shipped internationally. They are available in packets or by the thousands.  Our seed offerings include Victoria, Canada Red, Turkish and Ornamental rhubarb.  Fresh rhubarb is available only during the harvest season. Our season is short because we sell fresh, organic rhubarb only at the peak of its flavor and quality. 


Our rhubarb has gone to many places, including Oklahoma, New Mexico, Florida, Utah, Texas, California and other states and has always met customer expectations for quality and freshness. Exporters have shipped our rhubarb to restaurants in the Caribbean. Plants are also shipped throughout the northern, continental US and seeds have gone to many U.S. and foreign destinations.




     We're in Black Forest, Colorado, 15 minutes northeast of Colorado Springs and a one hour drive southeast of downtown Denver.  A map and directions can be found at MAP. Or enter 7275 Wildridge Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80908 into your GPS/Navigation system (that's not our actual address but it works better on gps systems).  We sometimes attend Farmer's Markets.  

      Ample parking is available by the house, along the driveways and along the road.  Handicapped parking is available up the driveway, left along the fence line to the rhubarb area.   On the road it is best to park beyond the driveway due to the blind curve just before it.  Please drive slowly around the house and field.  Many children and pets attend our harvest events.

FreshFresh, Organic Rhubarb
Rhubarb Plants, Seeds & Cookbooks
Fresh, Organic Horseradish Plants
                              Unfiltered Colorado Honey
Our principle crops are Victoria, Heirloom Red and Colorado Red rhubarb.  The Victoria plants were all derived from plants given us by a dear friend.  The Heirloom Red derives from a plant generously offered by the heirs of Colorado homesteaders who brought the plant with them in their covered wagon.  How cool is that!   Same is true for our Heirloom horseradish.   We also offer other varieties of rhubarb and horseradish, mostly aquired from other farmers and individuals.  To our knowledge none of our produce are laboratory GMOs.   Our Ornamental Rhubarb is suitable for flower gardens rather than food production.  See Varieties of Rhubarb for  photos and more details. 
      Our primary plant variety is Victoria.  It is extremely hardy and well suited to our Colorado mountain climate.  Our own Victoria plants each produced 90 pounds of rhubarb for the first harvest in 2009.  Mature stalks of Victoria varieties are green on the inside.  The skin of most Victoria stalks transition from red at the base to green at the leaf while others are pure green inside and out.  Red varieties can be either green or red inside. 
   All our produce is 100% organic, exempt, in full compliance with USDA guidelines for organic farm products. Honey, however, cannot be claimed to be organic.  While the apiarist may guarantee to add nothing artificial to the hive or the honey they generally cannot know the origin of the honey itself.  How can one know where the bees have been?
What is Rhubarb?
Rhubarb is botanically classified as a vegetable but culinarily used mostly as a fruit. It play an important role in the development of our country, commonly packed west by pioneers. It is often the first vegetable to ripen in the spring and heralds the approach of other freshly grown, local foods. Even more important today, it is high in calcium, vitamin C and dietary fiber. Frozen and vacuum packed it keeps for years without lengthy preparation and thereby provides healthy eating throughout the year. It also remains viable in a regular freezer storage bag for 6 months or more. Since organically grown rhubarb is not sprayed with poisons that prevent growth of bacteria, freshly picked, organic rhubarb keeps in a refrigerator crisper drawer for only 1-2 weeks. For more background on rhubarb visit The History of Rhubarb.

A Guide To This Website
     This page describes our products and business in general terms.  The content of the other pages are outlined as follows:   Recipes defines some unique and tasty uses of rhubarb that we're confident you'll enjoy.  It also provides important information about cooking rhubarb. Rhubarb's main contributions to your nutrition is described in more detail in Nutrition.  If you're in the Denver/Colorado Springs area and would like to stock up on fresh, organic rhubarb then check out our Pick-Your-Own program and come visit food in the making!
     You may be surprised to learn that rhubarb was primarily a medicine throughout virtually all of the 5000 years of documented use.  Prepare for your next rhubarb debate and impress your friends with the information to be found at the History of Rhubarb.  Details and photos of our unique approach to organic growing are to be found at Organic Technology.  Photos of the harvest, rhubarb, and general topics, including information on different varieties of rhubarb, are found under Photos.  You'll also find details and related photos for planting, growing and harvesting your own rhubarb at Growing Rhubarb.   Freezing & Storage explains various ways of preserving rhubarb beyond its normal shelf life, including drying and freezing.  Lastly, you'll find information about rhubarb seeds under Seeds and addresses and phone numbers under Contact Us.  We'd love to hear from you! 

(1)  We test our seeds each year.  We germinate 100+ seeds.   All tests to-date have yielded at least high fertility.  Like all our products, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.
(2) "heirloom" refers to plant varieties tracable back at least 50 years.  Decidedly not laboratory GMO.